Jewel Box Goddess

Jewelry is highly personal and everyone has different tastes. We women also tend to buy things that we might wear rather than what would suit us. Sometimes, we collect gift bags of jewelry and stash it away, never getting around to wearing it or even giving it away to someone who could. As a result, we usually do land up with a whole range of jewelry that we do not really like or want. If you are like me and have a cupboard full of useless jewelry, this is what you can do.

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Start by hauling out all the jewelry you already have and wearing it. -- Be ruthless with what you have. Wear your jewelry and try to match it with outfits you already have. If you like the piece or if it matches an outfit, keep the piece. If not, then it is time to give away that piece to anyone who wants it. We recommend listing your extra jewelry on secondhand websites to sell them off to make extra money.

Select new pieces -- Now that you have a little extra money, you can start looking for good designer jewelry that actually suits your body type and skin tone. Here are a few tips that should know.

1. Pull your hair off your face and look at it closely. Do you have a round face or oval face? Check your skin tone and your ears. Generally, facial structure and skin color guide jewelry selection. Gold and silver suits nearly every skin tone but now you can also choose from copper, brass, pink gold, pewter, terracotta, pearls, platinum, coral and a range of different metals or elements. We recommend you try on the piece, and then hold your hair up or down to find out whether the piece suits you or not.

2. Your body structure also determines the jewelry you select. For example, a wide body and a round face requires a longer necklace that will draw the viewer's eyes towards your face and neckline. In the same way, bangles and bracelets are great to pull the viewer's attention towards slim wrists and arms.

3. Always buy affordable jewelry that you can return or exchange. Precious jewelry is great but it's never a good idea to invest too much money in very expensive items. If you really want previous jewelry, we recommend you invest in classic pieces that are low-value but which will suit nearly every dress or outfit you wear.

4. Gemstone jewelry can make any outfit look great. We recommend you try unique but neutral colored stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and citrines to create maximum impact. Of course, these items can be expensive but they are good value for money and they do become heirloom pieces very quickly.

Buying jewelry is fun but you should stick to classic interesting pieces that suit office wear, casual dresses and even jeans. This will save you money while still ensuring that you have timeless pieces suitable for any event and outfit.